07 May 2015 / Epic Arena

Epic Arena: No more PowerCards for Premium Currency

After Epic Arena release on Steam we’ve received some feedbacks from unsatisfied players. That’s why we have decided to make Power Cards available only for Gold coins so there won't be an option to purchase them with Crystals. Gold coins can not be purchased for real money and this is the true in-game currency that players can earn only while playing the game. The more and better you play, the more Gold you earn! 

Players can spend Crystals only for purchasing Team Decks, Uniform colors and Spyglass, which is available for Gold too since May 6, 2015. 

For players who have already purchased Crystal packs and/or purchased all the non-consumable content (Decks, Spyglass, Avatars and Uniform colors), please PM us with your username and Steam ID. We will convert your Crystals balance into Gold with a really good rate of 1:200.