Technical Artist


Lviv, Ukraine

Hard skills and Experience:

  • Knowledge of pipelines on the creation of assets for games(high and low-poly modelling, unwrapping, baking, texturing, level art etc).
  • Ability to use 3D packages and other tools for creating art content (Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop, etc).
  • Experience with game engines (Unity, UE etc).
  • Ability to work and create technical documentation.
  • Experience in the video game industry.

As a plus:

  • Experience in creating extensions and plugins for Digital Content Creation tools (Maya, Max, etc).
  • Knowledge of high level coding language (Python, MEL, C#, etc).
  • Experience with shader development in a game engine (Unity, Unreal Engine, Shader Forge, Amplify Shader Editor, Shader Graph Unity).

Soft skills:

  • Able to communicate effectively with artists, designers and programmers.
  • Highly self-motivated and collaborative.
  • The ability to adapt to and innovate new styles and techniques.
  • Real passion for playing and making games.
  • A great ability to think creatively in order to overcome technical challenges.


  • Collaborate with 3d Artist and Developers to create and integrate assets into the game engine.
  • Responsible for optimizing the assets and validating the games for the game.
  • Improve existing pipelines and search for opportunities to optimize them.
  • Help develop improvements to animation processes and pipeline.
  • Develop and maintain tools and extensions for 3D packages taking into account their convenience and performance.
  • Creating tools in  Art Assets pipeline and tools in the game engine.
  • Keeping the project's assets up to date.
  • Collaborate with developers and testers to find and solve game problems (Profiling).
  • Establish and enforce naming conventions within assets, tools, and workflows.
  • Integrate new technologies (internal and external) into art workflows.
  • Participation in the creation of guideline for the project.

We offer you:

  • An exciting chance to work in booming industry on interesting and challenging projects.
  • A modern office with friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Great opportunity for self-improvement and professional growth.
  • A competitive salary and project based bonuses.
  • 18 business days (or 24 calendar days) of paid vacation per year, paid sick leave.
  • English language lessons.
  • Company doctor.

If this position is for you, please apply below.

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