Junior+ Game Designer


Lviv, Ukraine
Tallinn, Estonia


  • Develop ideas for gameplay and progression systems to create compelling gameplay loops at both a macro and micro level throughout the player life-cycle.
  • Create math models for game systems (economy, progression, damage, efficiency comparison of different strategies and mechanic combinations, etc.) to ensure a well-balanced player experience.
  • Create and maintain design documentation, both high level concept documents and low level mechanic descriptions.
  • Working closely with our gameplay programmers on prototyping, scripting, iterating and polishing game systems and features.
  • Designing, prototyping, iterating and polishing in-game levels, including level layouts, scripting enemy encounters and other gameplay elements using proprietary tools in Unity editor.
  • Balance and tweak AI behaviors and other gameplay parameters to engage the player at a moment-to-moment level.
  • Work closely with UX/UI to design wireframes and paper prototypes.


  • 1+ years of experience in the games industry working as a Game Designer or Level Designer for a shipped product.
  • Extensive knowledge of video games and gaming industry, specifically in the MOBA, RTS genres, as well as works of art, such as movies, architecture or visual arts, to be used as reference for crafting and communicating original ideas.
  • Excellent understanding of game design fundamentals, game balance, in-game economy and player motivations.
  • Ability to form strong argumentation of proposed ideas.
  • Excellent understanding of level design fundamentals including level flow, engagement, structure, pacing, environmental storytelling, testing, etc.
  • Understanding programming/scripting in game design and experience with game editors and game design tools.
  • Good knowledge of English language, both written and verbal.


  • Shipped PC/console games.
  • Experience designing content and systems for Tactics, RTS or MOBA games.
  • Experience using Github or similar version control software.
  • Shipped indie projects, gamejam experience.
  • Modding experience.

We offer you:

  • An exciting chance to work in booming industry on interesting and challenging projects.
  • A modern office with friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Great opportunity for self-improvement and professional growth.
  • A competitive salary and project based bonuses.
  • 18 business days (or 24 calendar days) of paid vacation per year, paid sick leave.
  • English language lessons.
  • Company doctor.

If this position is for you, please apply below.

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