Soul Reapers

Awakening from total amnesia, you enter the world as a Soul Reaper — a gladiator contestant in the nation’s only kill-or-be-killed reality show. Seeking fame and fortune, you run the maze — a specially prepared route full of deadly traps — while battling a relentless onslaught of biocybernetic beasts animated by lost human souls. Each completed maze provides another piece of the puzzle towards discovering your true identity — and your forgotten secret mission — all told through an animated comic book updated and personalized in real time.

Will you trade in the souls from the beasts you’ve slain or set them free? The choice is up to you. And every choice has its rewards... and consequences!

Why this game is damn cool

  • Transformable weapon, where each transformation features a different set of combos and fighting techniques.
  • Special abilities as alternative combat options.
  • More than two dozens of different enemies, each with different behavior and combat styles.
  • Male/female player character with complete set of armours for each gender.
  • Interactive comics with personified player-generated content.
  • Multiplayer: Co-op/PvP.

About game


The game takes place in different locations that represent the different districts inside and outside of the Eden-City. Like an ancient gladiator, who had to make his way from the outskirts of the empire to the Coliseum, our hero has to outrun the other contestants in each Round of the show.



Deadly creature, female body modified with wasp genome. Bat wings implanted on the last incubation phase. Extremely dangerous in the air, so nail her down to the ground and finish! And never run under her — sting implant can pierce almost any armour.


It’s a mixture of frog, shark and human genome enforced by armor implants. Spit poisonous saliva at prey’s eyes and kill it with few venomous bites.


Once the body of a male stripteaser was captured by demons. But don’t let Peeler’s look and body language to trick you — armed with deadly blades, agile and Flexible, Peeler is very dangerous enemy.


The most deadly and agile Imp mutation. Thanks to salamander genome, has black with yellow spots skin and produces very toxic saliva. Just one Shiva’s touch — and you are dead in a minute.


Perfect symbiosis of lost soul and machine — a cyborg covered with blades. When detects a prey, Sonic transforms to some sort of a combat hedgehog and becomes almost invulnerable. Oh, and don’t forget about its giant shurikens.


When a prey is close enough, whorer makes a lightning jump toward it. You will have just a blink of an eye time to counter-strike… or die.


As a result of wicked experiments in the HellCorp laboratories now this spider-mutant can shoot rockets from launchers integrated with its body. Very successful model — thanks to modular design launchers can be replaces with miniguns or flamethrowers.

Hell Roller

Workaholic imp on the huge paver, that rolls his enemies into asphalt. Not sure if it’s possible to kill the driver, but you can try.


Half specter, half drone, equipped with surgery blades. Can fall into another dimension and walk through material objects dealing extreme damage. Invictable in specter form.


At first glance it looks like an evil joke of Monster Maker — baby angel head with bat wings. But be careful — cherubs usually attack in small groups.


A freak that performed with his hammer at the travelling circus. His body was cloned and now he crushes his enemies on the show with one strike.


A demonic cyborg, flash build up on titanium skeleton, this big bastard can butcher you as a pig and there is no human or demonic armour that can protect you.


The weakest monster on the show. Armed with curved blades or knives. Can be killed just with few strikes, but there are stronger and smarter mutations of this creature on the higher tournament rounds.


A monster with a big shield screwed to one hand and sharp blades screwed to another. Almost invincible when stays shielded on the ground, so throw him into the air and kill the bastard.



coming soon

coming soon to: XboxOnePS4Steam

Release date: 12 May 2017