CCG Tactics

Each player uses decks of cards that they have constructed together with a faction-specific hero. Heroes can carry up to 3 hero cards that improve the faction unit abilities and spells.

Each turn, a player uses energy points to either deploy units on the battlefield, upgrade them and make moves, or to attack their opponent with units or spells. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s Artifacts reducing their health by zero.

Winning matches the player earns the in-game currency, rewards in the form of new cards, unit skins and other rewards. Players can then purchase new cards through in-game currency or microtransactions and use those cards to customize and improve their faction squads and heroes.

Game Features

  • Multiple game modes, including casual and ranked.
  • 200 cards to choose from, the possibilities are limited only by the player’s imagination and skill.
  • 5 factions plus a special one — Renegades — can use different faction units and spells to create the endless tactical variations.
  • Cross-platform play, allowing players to use their accounts on multiple devices.
  • Single-player matches vs. AI opponent.
  • Single-player Challenges — a set of tactical challenges similar to chess puzzles.
  • Daily quests to earn additional currency and cards.

About game



The main essence of the game is cards. They are classified by Units, Spells and Hero cards. By playing a Unit Card the player deploys a minion on the battlefield that fights for him. Units are summoned and controlled by the player and can be commanded to attack the opponent's units or Artifacts. Spell Cards can be played to trigger once or have a permanent effect on the specific unit, upgrade it or cause damage. Hero Cards are the special ones, used only by the Hero that determines the Faction archetype.

As to the Faction, the cards are divided into Faction Cards and Neutral Cards. Faction Cards are the cards belonging to a certain Faction. Neutral Cards help the player extend his deck regardless which Faction has been selected.



The gaming field has a set size and consists of hexagonal shaped tiles. The tiles on the field have their different tactical features: there are tiles on which the player deploys units, and tiles that change the units’ characteristics when stepped on.

A significant number of different boards combinations can be created that will help making each match unique, even if the players uses the same deck of cards.



  • Order — strong healing abilities.
  • Chaos — fast and dynamic units, debuffs.
  • Pirates — high damage and game changers.
  • Aliens — mind control and infections.
  • Robots — transformation.
  • Renegades — no faction-specific unit or spell cards, allows to make a custom deck using unit and spell cards from other Factions.

Each Faction deck has its own unique hero that strengthens the Faction features.



Hero is a special entity in the game. Hero cannot be deployed on the battlefield, but a player can place the Hero Cards, which define the faction-specific features, into available hero card slots. The Hero can only use those Hero Cards that belong to its specific Faction. Hero Cards do not require spending the action points — they trigger automatically, kind of passive skills in the game.

Hero Level Up — playing matches with a certain Hero to increase its level and the number of Hero Cards, and fight with stronger opponents in matchmaking.


Art Work

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Release date: 12 May 2017