Los Aliens

Los Aliens - it's a Free-to-Play fun and addictive game available on Apple AppStoreGoogle Play and Windows Store.

Discover new planets with your Los Aliens crew!

Los Aliens is an innovative and addictive multi-level puzzle game of deep space exploration!

In Los Aliens, your mission is to explore strange new worlds, and to seek out new life and new civilizations. To do this, you'll have to use your puzzle smarts to recruit a group of brave alien crewmates the likes of which the people of Sol Three could never imagine! You also need to keep your spaceship filled with the Quark-generated Bosons it needs for fuel – or you'll be lost in space forever.

So travel the galaxy and complete the quests!



  • 170 handcrafted levels
  • 18 different Pads and Creatures that completely change the gameplay
  • Two types of game mode challenges: move-limited and time-limited
  • 6 different aliens with super-powers to overcome the difficulties
  • Easy to play but challenging to master, resolving a series of brain-twisting puzzles
  • Eye-catching animated space graphics

Now it's your time to solve brain-twisted puzzles and go where no Alien has gone before!.

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