Garbage Hero

Garbage Hero is free to play game. The game is available on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Say "Hello" to Garbage Hero!

There's danger in the garbage recycling racket, make no mistake. One false move, one tiny brain cramp, one in-opportune blink of the eye, and it's game over.

If you can think as fast as Usain Bolt runs, if your hand-eye coordination rivals a Vegas magician, if protecting the environment is close to your heart, have we got a job for you!

Endless streams of organic, plastic, glass, paper and metal trash require urgent recycling. But avoid the batteries. Failure to properly dispose of hazardous waste will have deadly consequences. Sort out the garbage, protect the environment, get higher scores to unlock new items, bins and more lives.

Then kick your world-wide leaderboard competition to the curb!

Because you are a Garbage Hero!


  • 6 chapters with total number of 180 levels
  • Over a dozen of power-ups! Burn, freeze, blow up your enemies!
  • Over 27 different enemies from Slugs to Termites, each with their own skills! (Beware of the Cockroaches!)
  • Intensive boss fights at the end of each chapter!

Now it's your time to solve brain-twisted puzzles and go where no Alien has gone before!.