Epic Arena

Our first game, Epic Arena is true cross-platform and is available on Apple AppStore, Google Play and STEAM. It's free to play, so save your lunch money and enjoy.

An Immersive Gaming Experience

The Strategy Game Epic Arena is an exciting swords and sorcery combat game for thinkers. The 3-D graphics and bone crunching sound effects will excite and delight the eyes and ears, but the tactical and reflective game play will engage the mind and test the intellect. Asynchronous play enables you to maintain multiple games at once and play at your leisure on any device - at work, at school, on the subway, anywhere you have an internet connection. It's like a chess board on steroids come to life!

Instantly Fun, Endlessly Challenging!

Epic Arena is easy to learn but hard to master. You can start playing in minutes by clicking around and reading the helpful pop ups or by taking the tutorial. Try the solo challenges to train your tactical muscles and gain useful insights into winning strategies. Play your friends or challenge a random opponent anywhere in the world!

Free to Play

Epic Arena is a complete experience from the moment you create your free account to the day you play your last game. However you can purchase additional Teams and Power Cards to add variety and shock and awe your opponents. It's up to you. Free or paid, either way you're guaranteed to have an EPIC time in the ARENA!


  • Free-to-Play turn-based 3D strategy board game.
  • Competitive play against your friends and players around the world.
  • 3 Teams: Legion of Chaos, Brotherhood of Order, and Pirates of Tortuga Bay, all featuring unique units, spells, and team traits.
  • 2 game modes: Duel Mode (asynchronous play) and Blitz Mode (time-limited turn synchronous play).
  • An array of situational use Power Cards, granting unlimited tactical options.
  • Cross-platform play: play from everywhere, anytime on any device.

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