Bug Jam Adventure

Bug Jam Adventure, a great combination of action and tower defense game, is available on the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Your quiet little town is infested with bugs! And all you wanted to do was sit down and have a nice slice of cake. And some berries. And ice cream. Nachos would be good. A big box of candy, too.

Now you have to defend your goodies against hordes of greedy bugs. Funky Flies, Furious Flies, Slugger Slugs, the grotesque Big Mamma. Even Splitters and the almost invulnerable Tanker. You and your trusty bug-squashing finger.

Travel through farmland, forest and desert, over oceans and tundra. Discover that only you and your friends can save the world from being overrun by bugs.

Customize your defensive strategy. Deploy bug-beating frog allies. Collect enough bug juice from your defeated foes to power-up an awesome arsenal of weapons and defenses. From The God Finger to Napalm Nuke, you can rain down fire on your foes!

Only then can you celebrate with a nice big slice of....


  • 6 chapters with total number of 180 levels
  • Over a dozen of power-ups! Burn, freeze, blow up your enemies!
  • Over 27 different enemies from Slugs to Termites, each with their own skills! (Beware of the Cockroaches!)
  • Intensive boss fights at the end of each chapter!
  • Hours of gameplay with almost 30 achievements
  • Awesome cartoon art of high definition
  • In-game encyclopedia with information about your power-ups and bugs

So don't waste your time and check it out now!

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