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Meet the Raiders: Sniper

Project “RTS Arena” first alpha version will feature 5 raiders’ classes: Enforcer, ParamedicRanger, Sniper, and Technician. You’ll be able to use them in any combination. A brute force of 4 Enforcers? Yes, why not! For those interested in a more subtle approach, we’re introducing the Sniper.

Snipers are effective damage dealers in long-range combat and suit greatly for the covert ops. They are your perfect harassment unit type who evolve into deadly killers in a later engagement phase. Place them on the high ground, deal immense damage to single enemies – and quickly retreat before they’re able to reach you.

This raider class utilize Pulse Rifle – a long-range, slowly reloading and heavy-hitting weapon. They are able to cloak and quickly turn invisible. Snipers deal bonus damage when consequently attacking the same target. And when the enemy is wounded and bleeding – use Charged Shot ability to finish it.

Use snipers wisely. They are not effective in close combat and very weak against structures. Simply put – definitely not your first line of offense, but if used strategically, snipers can grant you a huge advantage.

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