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Meet the Raiders: Ranger

Meet the next raiders’ class in RTS Arena! Alongside Enforcers and Paramedics, you’ll be able to utilize the abilities of Rangers

Rangers are highly mobile assault soldiers – perfect for scouting and damage dealing! They are the first line of your offense, making good use of their AoE attacks, high movement speed, and revealing abilities. Rangers’ knock-back trait allows them to interrupt the enemy unit's actions, gives a tactical advantage in the fights for seizing strategic objects. They are always on a brink of attack.

So their main roles are:

  • AoE damage dealer and disruptor – Rangers are effective against groups of enemies that are moving in tight formations. They have grenades with charges, that can deal impressive AoE damage. Furthermore, Rangers can knock-back enemies, and disrupt ability casting or channeling.
  • Scouting – Rangers are used as reconnaissance, first encounter unit with above average damage and high mobility. Their ability to place recon beacons is perfect for map control.

Here’s an in-progress Rangers’ in-game model from different angles. Please share your thoughts on their appearance:

So far we’ve introduced you to three of Project “RTS Arena” raiders' classes. But, as you know, our game is all about combining different unit’s abilities to create your own unique squad. So soon we’ll start talking about how you can effectively use different raiders’ classes to gain a tactical advantage.

Stay tuned!

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