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Meet the raiders: Paramedic

Today we’ll talk about the second Project "RTS Arena" raiders’ class – the Paramedics. As you know from the "Enforcers" post, in our game, you control a squad of elite operatives. You’ll have to combine different raiders’ classes and customize their abilities to suit your tactical playstyle and smash your opponents.

As you probably already inferred Paramedics are basically field healers. They increase your squad’s survivability – Paramedics are equipped with powerful healing abilities and some of them can even deploy supportive structures and drones. So yes, your operatives' lives are dependant on Paramedics’ abilities. Paramedics may even grant immunity and buffed regeneration for a limited time. Immunity is a powerful ability, and power comes in with a price. Immune units can't move or attack, so you, as a player, will have a broad field of maneuvers and tactics while controlling Paramedics.

But wait! We have not mentioned Paramedics specialty. This is something that brings out "RTS Arena" from among the others. Usually, units are getting killed after their health drops below zero. But not in our game, here operatives are knocked down, so anyone of them can be revived right during the battle.

And here is where Paramedics shine the most along with the fact, that his abilities might be even used on enemies. Paramedics are armed with a pneumatic multipurpose needle gun which is able to fire different types of ammo.

Here are the render shots of Paramedic high-poly model from several angles:

As with most game characters, the model will evolve throughout the course of the project. It is currently work-in-progress, but we’ve been quite happy with the response we’ve had to its design so far.

We would love to hear your thoughts, so leave your suggestions in the comments.

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