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Meet the raiders: Enforcer

Let’s get started with introducing you to Project "RTS Arena" basics. You as a Commander, control the squad of elite commandos, also known as Raiders, which are key elements of the game. You can combine raiders with different tactical roles and customize their abilities to build a squad that suits your playstyle.

Take a look on Enforcers – a highly durable units that are very effective in an open field against enemy attacks. Enforcer is an anchor unit which increases squad damage sustainability. Enforcers are best in crowd control and are less vulnerable to it than other units. These big fellows can stun and slow enemies around, launch a blast wave, create an forcefield shield and do a knockdown bulletstorm!

Long story short Enforcers are basically “tanks” – your squad’s foundation for crowd control. You'll have to hit 'em hard to pin 'em down. This raider is indispensable part of a classic squad build because of high health, good damage, and abilities to stun enemies and protect the allies.

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