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Introducing Project "RTS Arena"

Shadow Masters is delighted to pull a curtain on our newest game – Project "RTS Arena". We’re aiming to create something new in the established strategy genre. Moreover, to push it forward. RTS Arena combines mechanics and features of the RTS and MOBA genres, merging them into the new core gameplay. So fans of both genres could compete on an equal footing, using tactics and skills that suit their playstyle.

“RTS Arena” is set on a remote planet full of mysterious ancient relics. Three powerful factions seek control over these relics by sending raid squads led by freelance Commanders. Your job as commander is to smash competitors and grab valuables.

You'll control a squad of elite commandos from a top-down 3D perspective, using RTS-style controls for selecting and grouping units, issuing orders or casting abilities. Your operatives will have their own offensive, defensive, support, and special skills. You'll have to combine those skills to complete various objectives – capture strategic points, escort payloads, etc.

So what're we aiming for?

  • RTS reinvented. Combining classic strategy gameplay with modern MOBA elements, we aim to offer a huge range of tactical approaches, taking the best from both genres.
  • Special tactics. You'll be able to use covers and elevations, utilize a destructible environment, and call for transport to gain a tactical advantage. It always feels great to surprise your opponents, doesn't it?
  • Multiplayer and singleplayer. The game will feature 1vs1, 2vs2 PvP modes, as well as a single-player PvE campaign.
  • Varied mission types. Each map will have its own primary mission (capture artifacts, escort payload, etc), and a range of secondary objectives, like capturing resources or control points. Rush for the main goal or play carefully and prepare the assault – it’ll be up to you.
  • Rich squad customization options. You'll have to combine operatives with unique roles and skills to build a squad that will suit your playstyle – and then customize them with a range of cosmetic upgrades.
  • Short and intense battles. Matches in “RTS Arena” will typically last 10 minutes.

Project "RTS Arena" alpha testing is scheduled for this winter. Our newsletter subscribers will get access to the alpha, so make sure to leave your email on the game's web page. And feel free to follow our Twitter and Facebook pages because, you know, it's always nice to see your likes and reposts.

In the coming months, we’ll give you more details about the gameplay, operatives classes, commanders and factions.

Stay tuned!

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