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Scrum Master

Shadow Masters are looking for a Scrum Master, who can predict issues and solve them before they appear and also take care of every person in the team.

3D Animator

We are looking for a talented 3D Animator in our crazy team who will become an integral part of our family and improve the animations of our game!

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Shadow Masters is a brotherhood of underground game developers who are bonded by a single idea. We make the games that people don’t know they want yet. We are not pioneers but we are explorers.

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In this dystopian near-future You are to become a commander of the elite squad of four mercenaries. Discover all the different classes and abilities and show up some creativity and cunning to assemble your squad and adjust it to your needs and playstyle. Only one thing that defines victory - your skill. Design your own strategy, improve your tactics and achieve victory.

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Project CCG Tactics

The Strategy CCG Tactics is an exciting swords and sorcery combat game for thinkers. It's like a chess board on steroids come to life! Game is currently in development.

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Soul Reapers

Soul Reapers is fast-paced side-scrolling beat‘em’up game built around a rich and colorful comic book art style art and complemented by a twisting, humourous, cliff hanger inspired story plot line.

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