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Lead Game Designer

As a Lead Game Designer in Shadow Masters, you should have phenomenal communication skills, proven leadership experience, a strong design background, and a track record of shipping AAA games.

Junior+ Game Designer

As a Game Designer in Shadow Masters, you will own a piece of our game development and strategy. You will balance both quantitative and qualitative insights to design and optimize smart, engaging features for our upcoming AAA game.

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Shadow Masters is a brotherhood of underground game developers who are bonded by a single idea. We make the games that people don’t know they want yet. We are not pioneers but we are explorers.

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RTS Arena

By combining classic RTS gameplay with MOBA elements, Project “RTS Arena” offers an unparalleled tactical experience — both in PvP multiplayer and in single-player PvE campaign.

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4Sight is a squad tactics game based on RTS and MOBA gameplay. In 4Sight, you control a squad of 4 units from a top-down 3D perspective in competitive online matches against other players.

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Soul Reapers

Soul Reapers is fast-paced side-scrolling beat‘em’up game built around a rich and colorful comic book art style art and complemented by a twisting, humourous, cliff hanger inspired story plot line.

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