Shadow Masters is a brotherhood of underground game developers who are bonded by a single idea.

Our first game, Epic Arena is true cross-platform and is available on Apple AppStore , Google Play and STEAM. It's free to play, so save your lunch money and enjoy.

If you want to have fun, and be creative, if you want to know what the feeling is to hold in your hands your own, product thats bought all over the world - join us! Experience it with us!

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Hooray! Jumpy Tree Has Been Featured by Apple!


Tags: Jumpy Tree

Hooray! In 117 countries, Jumpy Tree has been featured by Apple under "Best New Games" for iPhone and iPad.

Jumpy Tree is globally launched with Halloween Edition!


Tags: Jumpy Tree

Jumpy Tree game is finally out today with Halloween Edition!

Woot Woot! :) A Jumpy Tree game got soft-launched!!!


Tags: Jumpy Tree

Climb UP or get EATEN in a new super cool soft-launched game — Jumpy Tree!