Shadow Masters is a brotherhood of underground game developers who are bonded by a single idea.

Our first game, Epic Arena is true cross-platform and is available on Apple AppStore , Google Play, Facebook, STEAM and Kongregate . It's free to play, so save your lunch money and enjoy.

If you want to have fun, and be creative, if you want to know what the feeling is to hold in your hands your own, product thats bought all over the world - join us! Experience it with us!

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Latest News from Shadow Masters

Los Aliens got a cool update!


Tags: Los Aliens

Get your super cool Spaceships for FREE!!!

Bug Jam Adventure is globally released!


Tags: Bug Jam Adventure

HOT NEWS!!! Finally Bug Jam Adventure is globally released!

Shadow Masters - now teaching children how to develop games :)


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Today our game developers gave a master class for children on how the mobile games are created